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(In addition to the Non-Emergency Line this email address may be used to report loud noise)           
(In addition to the numbers listed above this email address maybe used to report drug activity as well as all other quality of life issues.)


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Chief James X Fitzpatrick

Lawrence Police Department

90 Lowell St
Lawrence, MA 01840

Main Telephone: (978) 794-5900
Main Fax: (978) 794-5915

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The Lawrence Police Department would like to notify the Community of an on going scam targeting area residents and Local Businesses. The “target” will receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the electric, gas, or cable company. The caller will demand money for an over due bill, Telling them their power would be turned off if they didn't pay their bill immediately. They will direct the “target” to go to a local chain store or pharmacy and put money on a MoneyPak (or other prepaid credit card). The “target” is then told to give the caller the numbers on the back of the card. This drains the funds from the card, and the “target” has lost that money. If you receive a similar call, you are asked to contact your utility provider directly (find the phone number on line or on your utility bill).



JAG15 Grant:


The Lawrence Police Department has been notified by the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the City of Lawrence’s eligibility to apply for the FY2015 Justice Assistance Grant in the amount of $63,757.  The Lawrence Police Department proposes to utilize grant funds to partially fund the upgrade of the Department’s portable two-way radios and to purchase police management software.  Copies of the application are available at the police station through the end of July.  Please contact Amanda Wall at awall@lawpd.com, if you have any questions regarding this grant application.    





Every year, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion because they are left in parked vehicles. We've heard the excuses: "Oh, it will just be a few minutes while I go into the store," or "But I cracked the windows..." These excuses don't amount to much if your pet becomes seriously ill or dies from being left in a vehicle.

The temperature inside your vehicle can rise almost 20º F in just 10 minutes. In 20 minutes, it can rise almost 30º F...and the longer you wait, the higher it goes. At 60 minutes, the temperature in your vehicle can be more than 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Even on a 70-degree day, that's 110 degrees inside your vehicle!

Your vehicle can quickly reach a temperature that puts your pet at risk of serious illness and even death, even on a day that doesn't seem hot to you. And cracking the windows makes no difference.



Human rabies in MA is rare. Keep it that way by learning symptoms and how to report the disease: http://ow.ly/MnnGB



Tips for Taxpayers, Victims about Identity Theft and Tax

Click here for more info from the IRS.



Lawrence police Prisoner property

Lawrence Police has unclaimed prisoner property and will be contacting said property owners.

According to Mass General Law Chapter 135 section 8 unclaimed properties in possession of the Police Department.

Section 8. If such property remains unclaimed in the possession of such police department or member thereof for one month and the owner thereof or his place of abode or business is unknown, or if the owner and his place of abode or business are known and the owner, after receipt by registered mail of a written notice from such department or member to take possession of said property, refuses or fails for a period of ten days following said receipt so to do, such department may sell the same, excepting money unclaimed, by public auction or any other licensed auction service, including sale over the Internet, notice of the time and place of sale, with a description of the property to be sold, first being given by publishing the same once in each of three successive weeks in a newspaper published in such city. Any violation of the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred dollars and by forfeiture of any such property obtained as a result of such violation.










Other News


Thank's for everyone help this suspect was captured Yesterday 1-21-2015.




Completely ANONYMOUS tip line via text or web.  Provide information on a crime that may assist us in our investigations and protect your privacy.

text: 274637 then type “LAWPD” followed by your message.



Línea de información completamente anónima vía texto o Internet. Para darnos información sobre un crimen que puede ayudarnos en nuestras investigaciones y proteja su privacidad. 

textee: 274637 luego escriba "LAWPD" y después su mensaje.