Cultural Passes

Museum Pass Policy

The Lawrence Public Library offers a variety of museum passes sponsored by the Friends of the Lawrence Public Library for borrowers.

  • Museum passes may be borrowed by anyone 18 and older holding a Lawrence library card in good standing. This means that there must not be any overdue books or fines on the card. In order to pick up a reserved pass, the patron must present his/her library card.
  • Museum passes may be reserved in person or by phone. Reservations are limited to one museum per family, per day and two per family, per month.
  • Museum passes may be reserved for the current month. The last week of the month, passes may be reserved for the following month. The library does not maintain waiting lists for museum passes.
  • When available, museum passes may be picked up one day in advance of the reservation. If a patron has not picked up his/her pass by 10 a.m. on the day of reservation, it will be considered a no-show and released to the public. There is no daily or monthly limit on these releases.
  • If passes have not been reserved by other patrons, same day walk-in reservations from patrons from other consortium member libraries will be honored.
  • If a patron decides not to use the pass, he/she should cancel with as much notice as possible. Cancellations may be made in person or by phone. Patrons who cancel with less than 24 hours notice will be considered no-shows. With two no-shows in sixty days, the patron will be restricted from reserving passes for the next sixty days.
  • Non-coupon passes must be returned by 10 a.m. the following day. There is a $5 per day fine for passes returned late. If a patron looses a pass, he/she will be charged a $25 replacement fee.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy and to rule on situations not specifically covered herein. The Board of Trustees and the Library Director shall review this policy from time to time as deemed necessary.

Submit a Request

Once you have reviewed the policy, you may request a pass by calling 978-620-3600 or by visiting the Main Library's Circulation Desk.