Lawrence Police Department


Auxiliary Police Training


Auxiliary Police Officers are trained in many aspects of police work which creates a solid foundation to build upon to further ones career in law enforcement. Each newly appointed officer is assigned to a Field Training Officer who oversees their development for the first several months.

Officers receive annual training and certification in CPR and First Responder.  MPTC (Massachusetts Police Training Council) representatives instruct and certify in Escalation of Force, Baton, OC Spray, Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing, Use of Force  and Handgun Retention.  Internal classes are taught on Report Writing, Traffic Direction and Control, and Departmental Policy and Procedures Additional courses are offered by MPTC instructors and MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) through the auxiliary police training unit in more specific courses.


Officers are permitted to carry semi automatic handguns after completion of all training classes and passing qualification requirements of the Lawrence Police Department Firearms Instructors.


Once Appointed Lawrence Auxiliary Officers are provided with:

• Winter and Summer Uniforms consisting of pants, shirts (long and short sleeve), spring and winter coats, reversible raincoats, traffic cross straps, etc.
• Winter and summer callouts jackets and baseball caps
• Bike shorts, polo shirts, windbreaker jackets and helmets
• Injury Insurance
• Take home Motorola portable radios