Lawrence Police Department


Records Division


The Records Division’s main responsibilities are to securely store, retrieve, distribute and dispose of police reports. Police reports consist of investigation reports, property reports, supplement reports, vehicular accidents, arrests, and miscellaneous incident reports. All reports are assigned a "case number" and are maintained numerically.


Pick up a form 24 hrs.

When form complete you will be called to pick up your request.

We encourage accident victim to go through on insurance company it is faster process.


Fees for obtaining public records:


Reports provided by mail:


Motor vehicle accident reports (6 pages or less)                 $5.00

Additional pages                                                                  $0.50 per page


Incident reports                                                                              $1.00 per page


Reports provided in hand:


Motor vehicle accident reports and incident reports          $0.50 per page




Contact Infomation

Kathy Nett

978-794-5900 Ext. 611

Fax # 978-794-5913


Maria Caba

978-794-5900 Ext. 605

Fax# 978-794-5913