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School Resource Officer

What are some functions of a School Resource Officer?

Lawrence Police School Resource Officers assume three roles within the school community:

1. Educator
School Resource Officers present law-related curriculum to students, faculty, and parents. These presentations are offered by the School Resource Officers available to speak to classes and parent groups, and often provide information on an individual basis.

2. Resource Provider/Problem Solver
School Resource Officers provide informal, law-related counseling to students, teachers, and parents. This counseling can range from mediation of student conflicts to guiding students and parents to appropriate community services. School Resource Officers work closely with school social workers, counselors, and administrators to ensure students have access to all available resources.

3. Law Enforcement
School Resource Officers provide a positive law enforcement presence in the school community. Officers present a deterrent to violence, gang activity, vandalism, and theft. They also act as a positive role model for students. Officers investigate crimes which involve the school district or students and work closely with school administrators as a liaison between the school and the police department.

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The Lawrence Police Department School Resource Officers are:



SRO Jonathan Armano

SRO Tomas Caraballo

SRO Jaime Adames