Library Card Perks

So, you just got a library card?! Congrats! Read more to learn how many doors this one little card can open. A world of resources is awaiting you.

With your card, you have access to:

  • Discounts on a number of Museum Passes
  • Borrow our HotSpot for a week
  • Borrow up to 30 books for 3 weeks (12 years and older)
  • Borrow up to 10 books for 3 weeks (11 years and under)
  • Borrow up to 5 DVDs for 1 week
  • Reserve headphones at our computer lab
  • Place holds for any items in our collection or in the MVLC catalog online
  • Borrow e-books
  • Listen to and download music
  • Take free courses and certificate programs online
  • Learn a new language
  • Practice tests online
  • Get help with homework online
  • Search our ancestral database
  • And more!