Raffles & Bazaars Forms & Instructions

The following information is provided as a guide to assist applicants requesting permits to conduct a raffles and bazaars. The following steps should be followed in order to complete the application process:

1. Obtain an application package from the City Clerk's Office which will provide:

2. Complete and submit the Application Form to the Office of the City Clerk, 200 Common Street, Lawrence, MA 01840 [Due to the requirements of completing Tax Assessment Verification and reporting documents necessary to submit to the Lottery Commission – the permit process can only be completed “in person”]

3. The applicant will be asked to bring the completed application to the Lawrence Police Department [90 Lowell Street in Lawrence, MA] for review by the Chief of Police or designee who must sign the approval section on the Application;

4. The applicant must obtain the verifications provided on the Tax Assessment Verification Form provided by each of the City Departments noted on the form for their review and stamp as required.

5. Upon obtaining the Police Chief Approval and Tax Assessment Verifications – return the Application and Tax Assessment Verification Form to the Office of the City Clerk review.

6. Upon completing the review of the forms provide the permit will issue upon payment of $50.00 [payable by check, postal order, or money order only and to the City of Lawrence, MA];

7. The license issued is valid for one year from the date of issue [unless otherwise noted on the permit]

NOTE: A RENEWAL PERMIT WILL NOT BE ISSUED ON SUBSEQUENT APPLICATIONS UNTIL THE ANNUAL REPORT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND FILED WITH THE DIVISION OF PUBLIC SAFETY. (Permit holders also holding Beano Licenses must submit a copy of this report to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

The applicant must file two (2) original copies of the Annual Report Form accounting for each functions conducted. The Annual Report must be filed within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the permit issued. Additional or further licenses will not be issued unless and until the Annual Report is filed with the City Clerk with evidence of filing as required.

8. The it holder is solely responsible for any and all obligations and requirements regarding the reporting requirements promulgated by any and all applicable city ordinances, laws, rules, and regulations that may apply. Information concerning raffles and bazaar laws and regulations are referenced in Massachusetts General Laws chapter 271, sec. 7A, Code of Massachusetts Regulations 940 CMR 12, 940 CMR 13, 961 CMR 4.00, and other citations and materials as may be promulgated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the City of Lawrence.

9. The permit holder is solely responsible to obtain any and all additional licenses and/or permits required for any event conducted and must comply with all public safety requirements. Please contact the appropriate department of agency regarding these matters.

*The information provided is intended only as a guide and should not be relied upon as a synopsis or representation of any kind whatsoever. Anyone who may be concerned with this matter is encouraged to engage appropriate professional services to obtain legal or financial assistance if necessary.

[ud: 12-12-19][wjm]

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