Riverwalk Planned Unit Development Masterplan

The Riverwalk Complex has been undergoing systematic redevelopment since 2003 primarily through the renovation and repositioning of existing mill buildings through adaptive re-use and revitalization projects. The redevelopment has occurred in phases, generally starting at the east end of property and moving westerly over time. Only two buildings within the complex have been "new, ground-up construction" since 2003 and they are the smallest buildings onsite, S00A and 290 Merrimack Street.

Presently, the last of the existing mill space is undergoing reinvestment and renovation (Building E) and the first major new construction project, "The Pavilion" is under construction. The Pavilion project will feat1ue more than 1,200 structured parking spaces, 80,000 SF of mixed-use space, and 2.2+ acre amenity/recreational turf field on the roof of the struct1ued parking. The Pavilion project is the first of the large- scale new construction projects contemplated at Riverwalk and it signifies the beginning of the next 20 years of reinvestment at Riverwalk. The purpose of this PUD is to outline the Lupoli Companies’ vision in the form of a Master Plan at Riverwalk and to serve as a guide for the exciting new construction projects in the years to come.

This Planned Unit Development shall apply to the land along Merrimack Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts within the boundaries of South Union Street, the Merrimack River, I-495, and the railroad tracks.