Any activity requiring a fire department permit in the City of Lawrence can be applied for by following the steps below.  All businesses and contractors are responsible for maintaining appropriate and current permits.  Any work done without permits is subject to punitive action and/or stoppage of work.


Some examples of work requiring fire department approval and permits are as follows:

  • Cutting, welding, & hot work
  • Fire alarm install & maintenance
  • Sprinkler install & maintenance
  • Kitchen suppression install & maintenance
  • Temporary Events
  • Dumpster
  • Food Trucks
  • Oil burning equipment installs
  • Underground tank removals

There are many more activities in addition.  Look to your local codes for requirements or consult with the fire prevention bureau with questions.


The procedure is simple and easy.  First download the permit application PDF below to fill out.  Then click on this link Lawrence Permits to go straight to the City of Lawrence permitting portal.  Navigate to Fire Department Permits and you will then be asked to create an account if you do not already have one.  After logging in you can choose the appropriate application for your scope of work.  Before submitting your application make sure you have attached the completed Lawrence Fire Department PDF and any other pertinent information regarding your work.  A fire prevention member will then receive your application and if approved you will receive an email verification with option for payment.

Fire alarm & sprinkler work

For work in a building affecting any aspect of its fire protection systems, contractors are required to notify Lawrence Fire Alarm at 978-620-3403 prior to the work being done and again when all systems are normal again.  Have your permit number ready for the operator.  For any systems out of service past normal business hours you are required to Fire Alarm for guidance.