Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health is the health and wellbeing of 10 to 17 year-olds. The experiences and behaviors that occur during adolescence can affect an individual’s future health. Many of the health issues faced by adolescents are influenced by “social factors at the personal, family, community, and national levels.” Because of this, larger inequalities affect the health of adolescents, with black, Hispanic and Native American youth experiencing higher rates of health issues such as obesity, teen pregnancy and lower rates of educational achievement.

How to Use Adolescent Health Living Dashboard

  • The Dashboard has 2 views: Lawrence and CHNA11. Certain data was available for Lawrence but not for CHNA11. As such, select measures may vary depending on the view.
  • On the bottom of the dashboard there are arrows. In order to scroll across to the different indicators, navigate using these arrows.

For a downloadable version of the sources as well as the secondary data included in the dashboards, click here: Master Data Dashboard Spreadsheet

Adolescent Health Working Group’s Efforts 

Reinstated in 2019, the Adolescent Health Working Group’s goal is to “improve adolescent health in Lawrence and to promote active youth leadership.” Between July 2018 and June 2019, they accomplished the following activities to address that goal:

Collaboration & Coalitions

  • 4 working group meetings with 18 members representing 14 organizations


  • 0 implemented


  • 0 implemented

Policy, Systems and Environmental Changes

  • 0 implemented

Developed in partnership with the Institute for Community Health: