Healthy Active Living


Sparked by alarming news about high obesity levels among Lawrence youth, the Healthy Active Living Working Group was created in September 2010.  This group of concerned community providers works collaboratively to identify, address and remove barriers that hinder opportunities for healthier eating and more active living in our community, while advocating for a healthier environment.    

There is now a three-tier approach to healthy active living in the city: healthy food access, parks and open spaces, and healthy aging.  The working of this group will be in keeping with these three areas.   Additionally, with the charge of looking at all events that impact chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and certain cancers, this group now includes the Lawrence Mass in Motion and Diabetes Today Coalitions.  


  • Lesly Melendez, Groundwork Lawrence
  • Martha Velez, Lawrence Council On Aging
  • Betsy Goodrich, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission