Lawrence Open Space & Recreation Plan 2017-24 Public Comment Draft

The City of Lawrence is fortunate to have a large park system providing opportunities for active and passive recreation. This system is comprised of 48 city parks (340 acres), three park units managed by the Commonwealth’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (46 acres), and three cities managed cemeteries (140 acres). The management of this system is guided by the city's Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP).

Updated every seven years, the OSRP provides an inventory and assessment of the condition of open space, natural resources, parks, and other recreation facilities. Based on this assessment as well as input from the community, a set of goals and objectives have been developed to outline a vision for the community relative to its parks and other open spaces. The OSRP also contains a Seven-Year Action Plan, which outlines specific tasks for city departments and its partners will accomplish to advance the goals the community has identified. 

A current OSRP allows the City to be eligible for state, federal, and non-profit funding for parkland improvements and acquisition. These funding sources are allocated to communities that have undergone planning to determine how the community needs can best be met using comprehensive programs and investments to address multiple objectives.

Following an extensive and inclusive planning process, the final draft of the Lawrence OSRP for 2017—2024 is now available to the public.


Vilma Martínez-Dominguez
Community Development Director
City of Lawrence

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